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Hood Figaz Collaboration

Hood Figaz is our term for anyone that grew up in the "Hood".  With some of us growing up without father figures, we found individuals and peers to look up to.   They became our Hood Figaz that we looked up to.  Growing up with hardships, the Hood Figaz taught us the means of of survival to make it out and even become pillars of muscle in the roughest of neighborhoods.  These figures came from all walks of life and were iconic to the style of music that shaped this movement.  "I look around me, all I know is HOOD FIGAZ..."

Cartoon: Former graffiti artist “Toon” AKA Cartoon was a Texas native who was inspired by the West Coast Chicano Culture. The classic sound of Latino rapper Cartoon is influenced by the West Coast 90’s Hip-Hop and Gangster Rap of his era. It is a reflection of his upbringing, like many other individuals with immigrant Mexican-American family members (Chicanos). This Texas native is constantly paying homage to the icons that shaped his music style today. He uses his life experience to bring to light the triumph of success to individuals that came up like him.

            Cartoon recently signed with EMPIRE MUSIC GROUP through his manager OG PAMPS. His debut appearance on “Get Down” ft Hectik was the stepping stone to his first mainstream release. Cartoon is currently working on various projects to include his first EP through EMPIRE and other noticeable collaborations in the works.

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